EasyCorrect for MS Word

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EasyCorrect for Microsoft Word

The perfect tool for teachers providing feedback in Word on PC or Mac. Reduce repetitive work with premade comments. Personalize your feedback with voice comments or online exercises. Increase teacher collaboration with content sharing.

Library Comments

Tired of writing the same feedback comment again and again? Avoid repetitive work. Create and insert library comments with just one click and save valuable time. Use the editor to modify the comments or make your own. Include links and objects.

SumUp comments

Comment bobbles in Word is not ideal for longer comments. Use the SumUp feature to insert a longer explanations, a rubric, a table, pictures, etc – either at cursor position or directly to the bottom. Master this feature and it not only be your greatest time saver. It will boost the feedback value as well.

Voice comments

Ever not write a comment because it would be too long and too complex? Say it instead. In many cases voice comments are much faster. To students they are much more engaging and personal. Quite often they will listen to them several times – as will their parents or friends.


Sometimes a simple symbol is all it takes to provide great feedback. Create variation and show students that you like a sentence. Use a check mark to show correct or incorrect.


Make collaboration with colleagues easy and improve the feedback quality. The export and import function allows you to share feedback comments, rubrics and sum-up material easy and simple.


Get a great overview of the feedback comments in an assignment. The EasyCorrect statistics feature generates a table with a clear overview, which helps both students and teachers and sum up the feedback.